Staff Qualifications:

Our Elementary school staff has more than 25 years of collective educational experience.  Teachers in the elementary school hold a minimum of a 4 year Bachelors degree and administrators hold a minimum of a Masters Degree.  

Program Overview:

Capstone Kindergarten is an accelerated program for those students who have successfully completed our Junior Kindergarten program or have transferred with a strong foundation.  Students entering kindergarten are expected to know their letters in and out of sequence, they should be able to count to 100 and identify numbers in and out of sequence.  Students should know several site words and be able to form/read simple sentences.  Students should be familiar with simple addition using their fingers if necessary.  Students will spend the first month of kindergarten reviewing these concepts before moving on to more advanced reading/writing, science and mathematics.

Mandatory reporting:

All Capstone educators are mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect.  If you or anyone you know is aware of a child that is being abused or neglected, Florida Law requires you to report it to the Abuse Hotline.  Additional information may be found at the links below

DCF Mandatory Abuse Reporting

Reporting Abuse "English

Reporting Abuse "Spanish"

Reporting Professional Misconduct

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